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T-Town MMA is the premiere school for MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), and Kickboxing in Tacoma.  Our mission is to help you change your life for the better, both in and out of our school.  We are a family owned school, and when you come to see us we treat you like family.  When it comes to training Mixed Martial Arts we understand that most people share one of two goals:

  • Get in Better Shape
  • Become a Competitor

Our MMA program is designed to help you achieve either one or both of those goals.  We are a true Mixed Martial Arts school in our structure by teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing as separate classes, then combining them in one MMA class.  Not only will you learn the attributes of MMA, you will experience changes in your life both mentally and physically.  At T-Town MMA we will change your life.


MMA, Boxing, BJJ, Kids Martial Arts




Since 2006, we have had more people walk through our doors that have simply trained in our school rather than competed.  People in all different types of physical shape, with little to no experience, all trying to make a positive difference in their lives.   What we have seen countless times is the transformation in these people, and watched their lives change for the better.  We have helped people become motivated for change then subsequently change their lives.  Whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or all of them, our members both past and present have benefited tremendously from the training at T-Town MMA.  They have achieved success!   We have witnessed it so much that we can say with confidence that WE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.





Even though we have experienced more people change their lives without competing, we have had a lot of people compete for us both past and present.  You can compete in MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, No-Gi Grappling, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and more from training here.  The combat sports we just referred to are all the different sports we have competed in over the years.  Our instructors collectively have competed in all the mentioned combat sports as well as others, and possess the experience to draw from in your training.  We will provide you with the necessary training for competition, help you find competition, provide you with a training schedule, give you a diet regimen, and coach you at the event.  We have been successful in competition over the years, and many of our members have experienced success in competition.  If you are interested in competition just let us know, and we will put you on the right path to success.




As we mentioned earlier the reason we are confident in knowing that we will change your life is because we have witnessed it countless times since our inception.  Our members are so motivated to get in shape, learn something new, be a part of a team, meet others or compete that they share in a goal just like you.  That translates down to the classroom level with everybody working and helping each other achieve success.  Mix in the coaching, motivation and energy level and you have a recipe for great things to happen.  In the end you are the one who reaps in the benefits and rewards of a great lifestyle!  At T-Town MMA WE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kids Martial Arts, BJJ, Boxing in Tacoma






Brazilian Jiu jItsu has many benefits both physically and mentally, and our program is perfect if you are looking to get into shape, become a competitive athlete or both.




 At T-Town MMA we understand the benefits of Kickboxing and incorporate them into our program.  Our class is a traditional Kickboxing program developed to give you a great workout while increasing your skill.




Our MMA or Mixed Martial Arts program is the class where you will put all of your training together.  We combine all of our programs taught into one class and develop you whether you are here for recreation, to compete or both.




Our Kids Martial Arts program is based on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and is Tacoma’s premiere school for childhood development both on and off the mats.  Our goal is to help your child set and achieve goals, and our main core is a philosophy that “CONFIDENCE ACHIEVES EVERYTHING”.  Our focus is on healthy and active kids and we have had phenomenal success with development both in and out our school.

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