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Kickboxing & Muay Thai

the striking arts

Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Boxing have been a part of the world’s culture for centuries and are some of the most celebrated sports.  The global success of these sports is enormous as the sport has stood the tests of time.  At the core of it all is the training, and that is where kickboxing has enormous benefits for your overall health.

At T-Town MMA we understand the benefits of kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing and incorporate them into our program.  Our class is a blend of traditional kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing depending on the needs of the students and focus of the instructor. The program is developed to give you a great workout while increasing your skill. Like all of our programs, in our Kickboxing program, you can train for recreation, competition or both.


Kickboxing is both an aerobic and anaerobic workout that stimulates all of your muscle groups because it always keeps you moving.   A regular kickboxing workout improves your strength, power, coordination, and endurance.   As kickboxing is a high-intensity workout it burns both calories and fat.  With regular training, you should notice changes in your physical appearance, which makes kickboxing a rewarding workout.  Let’s not forget about the amazing stress relieving properties that come with the training!


The beauty behind T-Town MMA is that you can come into any of our classes and begin right away no matter your physical shape.  Don't get in shape to come to our gym, come to our gym to get in shape! Our instructors are helpful and motivating, and we want to see you succeed.  We will help you set goals and then we will teach, help, and motivate you to achieve them.  Ultimately this is a win/win situation for both you and us, and this is what we want to achieve.  Our kickboxing program is treated with this same philosophy and has been an integral part of T-Town MMA since inception.


At T-Town MMA we always operate under the motto of “No Experience Necessary.”  Our instructors have helped many people over the years and are very patient and helpful to both you and all of our students.  Our Kickboxing program is not a “cardio” style kickboxing class like some schools offer.  As we do have people that like to compete, it is geared as a class where you will both learn and practice techniques.  Our typical class normally involves the following:

  • A brief warm-up at the beginning of class

  • Footwork

  • Head Movement

  • Punching Pad Training

  • Heavy Bag Training

  • Speed Bag Training

  • Shadowboxing

  • Sparring on Fridays (optional)

If you are new to the class you will never feel behind or overwhelmed because we start you out with the absolute basics.  We give you the room to develop at your own pace and when we see that you are improving, we show you more.  We find that this is the best method of teaching because it gives you the confidence necessary to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.



At T-Town MMA you can compete in any one of our classes if you have the desire to.  When you’ve had ample training, and we see that you are ready, we will help to secure your matches and be there to coach you.  We’ve had and currently have students who kickbox regularly throughout the Pacific Northwest, with excellent results.   We take a lot of pride in our kickboxing program as it has been a pillar of our school since it’s inception.



  • Mouthguard (required for class attendance)

  • Handwraps

  • 16 oz Leather Boxing Gloves

  • Shin guards

  • Boxing Headgear (recommended for sparring)

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